Ultragate (ULG)

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About Ultragate
Ultragate provides different and full ecosystems on the blockchain. With all blockchain services provided, Ultragate focuses on building and designing fast, easy to use and secure blockchain products. Ultragate developers aims to raise awareness to blockchain solutions and increase usage by mainstream customers. With specific use cases on the blockchain, build by Ultragate developers, Ultragate bridges the gap from current mainstream to blockchain products.
Ultragate Price Data
Price Volume Change Marketcap
$0.00514542 $9.90 15.37% $53,229
0.00000015 BTC 0.0003 BTC 1.5370 BTC
Ultragate Masternode Stats
Daily Earning
$0.3896 0.00001136 BTC 75.7260 ULG
Weekly Earning
$2.7275 0.00007951 BTC 530.0822 ULG
Monthly Earning
$11.6893 0.00034077 BTC 2,271.7808 ULG
Yearly Earning
$142.2194 0.00414600 BTC 27,640.0000 ULG
  Projected ROI: 55.28% / 660 days
  Rewards generated for masternode: 5,528 ULG
  Masternode collateral: 50,000 ULG
  Masternode price: $257.2710 / 0.0075 BTC
  Masternode counts: Total 73
  Current supply: 10,366,891 ULG
  Coins locked in masternode: 3,650,000 ULG / 35.21%
  Average MN reward frequency: 1h 16m 4s
  Expected first reward time: 3h 48m 12s
  Masternode reward per block: 4 ULG
Ultragate Wallet Information
  Client Version: 1010000
  Protocol Version: 70932
  Wallet Version: 61000
  Wallet Connections: Show addnodes
Ultragate Blockchain Stats
  Current Block Height: 939643  time: 2021-01-06 14:12:12
  Best Block Hash: f540a01ebc2a6b9e3efd48ac7facabf150251b661256122ec95e0b32a9191798
  Total Blocks: 1390
  Blocks Generated for MN Reward: 1382  99.42%
  Average Block Time: 1m 2s
  Coin Age: 1y 9M 21d 23h 14m 24s
  Genesis Block: 2019-03-15 22:57:48

Last updated at 2021-01-06 14:15:40

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Ultragate Node Maps
Country Nodes Number
United States11
United Kingdom2
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