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Masternodes.Me guides you to invest in masternodes, you always have the choice, you can invest in BTC or Fiat, you can withdraw anytime you want.
Of course there are fees, 2% on what you earn and 0,1% on each conversion.
We also creating asset with slice of rentables masternodes wich have Real Roi too.
Real MNROI: With the tools we provide, the investor can easily make his choice in his investment, first the project analyse, then the ROI of the masternode and our joker is what we call the real MNROI, which is a secret algorithm who takes in count Masternode ROI, project analyse, variation of the crypto coin and Masternodes rewards with the impact of collateral changement.
Of course, the real MNROI will be variable and we will try to reduce the variability by building assets with masternodes slices. Price Data
Price Volume Change Marketcap
$0.00036862 $46.19 0.00% $0
₿0.00000001 ₿0.0013 ₿0.0000 Masternode Stats
Daily Earning
$0.3940 ₿0.00001069 1,068.7229 MNME
Weekly Earning
$2.7577 ₿0.00007481 7,481.0602 MNME
Monthly Earning
$11.8186 ₿0.00032062 32,061.6867 MNME
Yearly Earning
$143.7927 ₿0.00390084 390,083.8554 MNME
  Projected ROI: 1,950.42% / 19 days
  Rewards generated for masternode: 88,704 MNME
  Masternode collateral: 20,000 MNME
  Masternode price: $7.3724 / ₿0.0002
  Masternode counts: Total 83
  Current supply: 13,785,558 MNME
  Coins locked in masternode: 1,660,000 MNME / 12.04%
  Masternodecap: $612
  Average MN reward frequency: 1h 24m 53s
  Expected first reward time: 4h 14m 39s
  Masternode reward per block: 63 MNME Wallet Information
  Client Version: 1000000
  Protocol Version: 90003
  Wallet Version: 61000
  Wallet Connections: Show addnodes Blockchain Stats
  Current Block Height: 393728  time: 2022-01-29 05:16:26
  Best Block Hash: e4c32a8afd133b57c29f5df05ed663fa363dc86f9f692a3248220b5030dbe9d1
  Total Blocks: 1408
  Blocks Generated for MN Reward: 1408  100.00%
  Average Block Time: 1m 1s
  Coin Age: 0y 9M 4d 5h 43m 42s
  Genesis Block: 2021-04-25 07:32:44

Last updated at 2022-01-29 05:38:48 Charts Collateral structure and reward distribution
Block Number Block Reward Collateral Masternode Reward Staking Reward Developer Fee Charity Description
Block Number Block Reward Collateral Masternode Reward Staking Reward Developer Fee Charity Description Node Maps
Country Nodes Number
United States9 Twitter