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About Aezora
Aezora is a cryptocurrency blockchain, with an embedded Proof of Stake (POS) and Masternode (MN) functions. Users can contribute to the network in two separate ways. Proof of Stake: 10% of every block reward goes to the stake holders of the project. Individuals that stake will receive a portion of the POS rewards. Masternodes: 90% of every bock reward goes to Masternode holders.
Aezora Price Data
Price Volume Change Marketcap
$0.00371659 $2,873.88 -8.82% $0
0.00000035 BTC 0.2706 BTC 0.0000 BTC
Aezora Masternode Stats
Daily Earning
$5.4637 0.00051453 BTC 1,470.0833 AZR
Weekly Earning
$38.2459 0.00360170 BTC 10,290.5833 AZR
Monthly Earning
$163.9109 0.01543588 BTC 44,102.5000 AZR
Yearly Earning
$1,994.2494 0.18780315 BTC 536,580.4167 AZR
  Projected ROI: 268.29% / 136 days
  Rewards generated for masternode: 158,769 AZR
  Masternode collateral: 200,000 AZR
  Masternode price: $743.3180 / 0.0700 BTC
  Masternode counts: Total 108
  Current supply: 36,659,775 AZR
  Coins locked in masternode: 21,600,000 AZR / 58.92%
  Average MN reward frequency: 1h 54m 36s
  Expected first reward time: 5h 43m 48s
  Masternode reward per block: 117 AZR
Aezora Wallet Information
  Client Version: 1010400
  Protocol Version: 70925
  Wallet Version: 61000
  Wallet Connections: Show addnodes
Aezora Blockchain Stats
  Current Block Height: 379271  time: 2020-10-01 21:58:45
  Best Block Hash: 05f1111709366c0c0d66d22bf4fbf81223454d90fed66e06c3a497f5ac720f80
  Total Blocks: 1367
  Blocks Generated for MN Reward: 1357  99.27%
  Average Block Time: 1m 3s
  Coin Age: 0y 9M 4d 20h 32m 46s
  Genesis Block: 2019-12-27 03:25:59

Last updated at 2020-10-01 22:01:47

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Aezora Node Maps
Country Nodes Number
United States50
United Kingdom1
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