Monkey (MONK)

Monkey Description

Monkey (MONK) is a sustainable cryptocurrency modeled after Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision for Bitcoin. It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer transactional currency designed to offer a solution to the problem posed by the exponential increase in energy consumed by Bitcoin and other proof-of-work currencies. Proof-of-work mining is environmentally unsustainable due to the electricity used by high-powered mining hardware. Monkey utilizes an energy efficient proof-of-stake algorithm, can be mined on any computer, and will never require specialized mining equipment.

Monkey Price Data

Price Volume Change 24H Market Cap
$0.02499362$546.13 8.78%$230,726


Monkey Masternode Statistics

Daily income

0.00000924 BTC
3.5949 MONK

Weekly income

0.00006467 BTC
25.1646 MONK

Monthly income

0.00027717 BTC
107.8481 MONK

Yearly income

0.00337223 BTC
1,312.1519 MONK
   ROI (annual): 65.61% / 556 day(s)
   Rewards generated for Masternode: 9,697 MONK
   Masternode Collateral: 2,000 MONK
   Masternode Price: $50.2024 / 0.00514 BTC
   Masternode Counts: Total 2,686  2682 ENABLED 4 ACTIVE
      Maximum Supply: 21,000,000 MONK
      Current Supply: 9,231,508 MONK
      Coins Locked: 5,372,000 MONK / 58.19%
     Average MN Reward Frequency: 1d 21h 23m 50s
     MN Reward Per Block: 6.8 MONK

Monkey Wallet Information

  Client version: 2030101
   Protocol version: 70913
   Wallet version: 61000
   Wallet connections: 25 Show Addnodes

Monkey Blockchain Stats

based on actual data over the past 24 hours

  Current Block Height: 828628
  Blocks Generated for MN Reward: 1426
  Average Block Time: 1m 1s
  Coin Age: 571d 23h 2m 41s
  Genesis Block: Jul 26 2018 10:20:15

Masternode Location

Monkey (MONK)

  •   Mining Type Proof Of Stake (PoS)
  •   Algorithm Quark
  •   IPv6 Support Yes
  •   Staking Reward 15%
  •   MN Reward 85%
  •   Dev Shares 0%
  •   Charity 0%
  •   P2P Port 37233
  •   RPC Port 37234
  •   Block Time 60 Seconds
  •   Minimum Staking Age 1 Hour


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Do your own research and invest at your own risk. ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. Please consider Dev Team - Community - PURPOSE/Platform - Liquidity - Wallet when making masternode purchases.


ROI is calculated based on actual rewards for each block for the last 24 hours.
Exchange data is grabbed every 5 minutes.
Masternode Counts refreshed every 5 minutes.